Our little trip to Whitby

Hello everyone!

Little bit of a different post, I know its slightly later on in the day but I’ve been super busy, I anticipated posting this when I got home but I’ve been super busy (you can check my vlogs to see what I’ve been up to;)

On Thursday I went to Whitby, which is in North Yorkshire, quite a drive as I’m in East Yorkshire, and Whitby is a good 2 hours away, but it was worth it! The photo opportunities here were endless, as it was so super sunny all the time and it made me forget (for a little while) of all the school stress I’d left back home, the sea air and the sunshine took my mind from revision and made me think of summer (which is miles away but a girl can dream)


Two pretty classic Whitby shots here, but it was too photogenic to not take them, the bridge is cute, although we crossed it when it started to go up and for a split second I thought it was going to be one of those James Bond style jumps across the gap (luckily it wasn’t)


When I showed this photo to Harry his remark back was “looking tumblr” to which I asked if he actually knew what tumblr was, he said no, which I find funny how it’s become a word to describe something, but I do think he’s right, he’s looking pretty vogue 😉


Something I found really different about Whitby is that there are barely any chain shops, which, although where I live is a small town, with not a lot there, it is full of ‘highstreet’ stores, Whitby was full of self run independant stores, and it reminds me a lot of the lanes in Brighton, if you watched my vlog you probably got sick of me saying that haha


We then walked a very long way around and up to Whitby Abbey, probably their most famous ‘landmarks’. Whitby is traditionally known for it’s goth weekend and it’s history with ‘dracular’. Now I don’t know much about the gothic other then what we’ve read in school, but I know that Whitby abbey has a lot of links, and don’t get me wrong, it’s great for a photo opportunity in the middle of the day but I would not wanna be left here at night on my own!


The main reason we went was for photo opportunities and I’m really happy with how a lot of these turned out, I haven’t edited any of them in anyway, they’re all taken on my Canon EOS M 18mm-35mm lens <3

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, I’d love to do travel posts a lot more, as I’d like to travel a lot more as well, I hope you’ve all had a lovely half term, let me know in the comments of this blog post what you’ve been up to:)

Much love,

M x


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