The best way to style hair extensions!

Hello guys!

You might remember a little while ago I filmed a video called ‘my favourite christmas hairstyles’ (or something along those lines) in collaboration with a lovely company called Irresistible Me , who kindly sent me some of their hair extensions to try out! You’re probably thinking Molly, you have such long hair what could you need hair extensions for? I also thought about this before accepting the collaboration, but when my hair is straight its not actually that thick, so I went with it on the basis that this gives me a lot more options of what I can do with my hair, especially with plaits!

Irresistible me

These match my hair perfectly (in the colour ash blonde)

A lot of you also ask me if my hair is naturally curly, which it is, but these curl amazingly and for anyone with straight hair that struggles to get it looking wavy, these would be the perfect solution to that issue as  I curled them and they look so real!


This looks so much like my hair it’s actually quite scary, I curled the one on the left really losely in a big curl, and the other two quite tightly and then added them to my ponytail to make it look a little less frizzy and a lot more controlled! This was really easily done as they are so easy to use!


I think that the blend really nicely with my hair as it has more than one colour in it anyway so if it was slightly out (which it isn’t) you wouldn’t be able to tell and I think this looks entirely like my own hair so if you have short hair, or thin hair (or both)  and want to make it look fuller and longer than this is the way forward!

I also have a discount code that you guys can use to get these cheaper, they have an amazing selection of colours so I really would recommend it checking it out!

My discount code is: IrresistibleMolly

With this you’ll get 10% off and currently they’re having a valentines day sale! So now is the time to buy:)

Thank you for sending me this amazing product, and you guys know I wouldn’t review it if I didn’t really like it so I hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned throughout the week both on here and on my youtube channel for some more videos / blog posts, as it’s half term I’m going to be doing some more exciting things so will be vlogging and blogging about them more!

See ya then:)

Love, M x


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