Festive Kokobox Review:

Hello again people of the blogging world!

I’m so glad that you enjoyed my last blogpost, it means a lot that you took to time to tell me how you were enjoying reading it:)


As some of you might be aware (if you’ve been watching my vlogmas) I received a lovely parcel through the post the other day off a company called Kokobox, after trialling them this week I think I can now give you guys an honest review just incase any of you fancied signing up to their subscription service, where you receive one of these boxes once a month. It was so lovely to receive such a nice gift through the post!


The first thing I tried was the products on the left handside. This lipgloss is the perfect shade for over christmas being a deep-red orange based colour! It goes on quite liquid based and then as it dries sets in this amazing colour without drying your lips out. This honestly is so long lasting! The product that brought it off best is the “All Clear Tint Remover” as this successfully removed every lip product that I’ve tried it with and is moisturising at the same time! The product on the top left is a primer, I’m not usually one for primers as I’m often very lazy and can’t be bothered and just go straight on with makeup, but this is definitely worth the extra time as it’s so illuminating and makes your skin feel amazing! Honestly I haven’t worn foundation over the last few days, just this and then concealer.


These are the last skin care products that I want to talk about, I’m quite fussy when it comes to face masks as I don’t do them often, but when I do I want to know they’re going to work! This was the perfect thing to use in an unwind to christmas to really get my skin ready for the big day. I used to skin purifying one last night and honestly my skin feels SO much softer today!

If you guys out there want some kind of skincare to REALLY nourish your skin then this brand honestly is fantastic and I’m not just saying that! You can check their website out here:  http://kokobox.net/

Thank you very much for reading again tonight guys, I hope you have the most amazing christmas, I want to thank you so much for helping me reach 12,000 subscribers over on my Youtube channel, that’s the best Christmas Present ever!

I shall catch up with you on boxing day, until then, have an amazing night and I hope Santa brings you everything you want 😉

Much Love, M x


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