Exciting New Makeup Faves! (Save on Makeup)

Hey guys!

I’m here with a very exciting blog post (which was supposed to go up last night, but I was out with friends and had no time, so today it it!)

As an amateur YouTuber + Blogger I am lucky enough to occasionally receive gifts off brands in exchange for me talking about it across my social media platforms, and this was not an opportunity that I could miss when ‘Save on MakeUp’ got in touch and asked if I wanted to trial their brand! The obvious answer was HELL YEAH! This is something I’ve been so exciting to share with you as I know you’re going to love it!

Their website ( Save on Makeup )has a huge range of brands, ranging from drugstore to very high end, all for less! Everything is so affordable and such good value for money because they have everything the shops have but cheaper! Aside from this they’ve been a really lovely company to work with as well, so I want to share with you the products I’ve been trying and links to were you can buy them:)


The Revlon colour stay foundation is something I’ve wanted to try for ages now, but Foundation isn’t something I generally buy myself unless I’ve ran out of my old one because I don’t always wear it. the retail price for this is £12.99. Save on makeup have it here ( Revlon Foundation ) for £6.99 for the exact same product! I have it in the colour 200 – beige.


This Lancôme blush is my absolute favourite thing that I got sent as blushers isn’t a branch of makeup that I spend a lot of money on, but this is the perfect colour, it’s called Pink Pool and is retailed at around £13 (it’s part of a set usually were it comes with a brush as well, Save on MakeUp have it here (lancome blush ) for £4.49! How amazing is that, you’re literally saving £9 on the exact same product!


Another reason why being gifted all of these things was great is because these are all things I might not have tried otherwise, but now will definitely be repurchasing when they run out! This lipstick is by Éstee Lauder, and is a gorgeous purple based Nude colour, this is retailed at £21 which is a lot for a lip product, but Save on Makeup have it for £6. This is cheaper then that of say Maybelline or Rimmel in Boots or Superdrug yet it’s Éstee Lauder! ( Estee Lauder Lipstick )I’m not going to talk you through every single product that I got, because you get what I’m talking about and it would get very same-y, but I received so many lovely products to try, I haven’t included pictures of all of them, but here are some of the others:

 IMG_2187 IMG_2186IMG_2188 IMG_2189 The main reason that I am sharing this with you however is because this isn’t just benefiting me, it’s benefitting you too!

With this offer code you can get 2 FREE GIFTS with any order that you make on their website, so if you buy 1 product, you can get two free when you enter this code in the notes section of the checkout:


This is so exciting and totally worth it because you can buy high end makeup, exactly the same as you could in high street stores, for cheaper right here! http://www.saveonmakeup.co.uk/


I really hope that everybody reading this is having a fantastic weekend and uses this website and this code to indulge in some well deserved makeup 😉 (Everyone needs more lipsticks right!?)

Thank you very much to SaveonMakeup for sending me these lovely products and being able to share them with my following across social media!

Much love, M




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