Cute little Easter Wedding | OOTD

Cute little Easter Wedding | OOTD

Hey guys:)

I’m sure a lot of you are aware (from my twitter and my snapchat) that I went to a wedding last night! Something that doesn’t happen very often as I never go to weddings and there are never really any in our family, and the ones I have been to I’ve always been a bridesmaid, so this was the first time I’d got to chose my outfit myself!

I thought I’d share the night with you through pictures, as, although I did vlog it I didn’t go into all that much depth and it proved difficult to vlog because 1) the music was so loud you couldn’t hear, and also I’d get copyrighted (and probably still will do) and also 2) it was dark, and it’s hard to vlog in low light with the camera that I have.

ootdddddddThis was the outfit that I went with, which I also wore to my birthday party last October, for those of you that remember that far back;)

My Dress is from Dorothy Perkins, My Fur Jacket is (obviously fake) from H&M, and my boots from New Look, which are a definite favourite footwear item (and the only pair of heels I own that I can actually walk in)

I felt like this fitted a wedding quite nicely as it’s quite a classy dress, one that probably doesn’t fit a “birthday party” but a wedding a lot better as it’s more bridesmaid-y then party, having said that I just generally really like this dress:)

OOTD2 I took a couple of pictures of it from the front for y’all as well, although again, this proved fairly difficult as it was dark, meaning that the quality isn’t as brill, but hey!


They had their wedding at this gorgeous location in South Cave (if you’re from East Yorkshire, you might know it) called Cave Castle. This is basically a massive castle / stately home/ hotel with a gorgeous lake and endless photo opportunities. This is also where my prom should have been held, if my school had organised it on time, which is really sad as I can’t think of anywhere near by that is as gorgeous as it was here, but I really do applaud their choice of wedding venue haha!


As for the wedding itself, we didn’t actually attend the ceremony, just the party on the night, which makes sense as we don’t know the bride and groom particularly well, they live next door to us and haven’t lived here very long, but the party was really nice and the interior of the building was just as gorgeous as the exterior! The bride announced that she was going to have a baby as well, which just made it the most perfect day for them I’m sure, one that I felt lucky to have shared with them!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this random post, I’d taken a lot of photos that I wanted to share with the world, and I figured my blog is that place where a spam of pictures is most acceptable!

I hope you all had a lovely easter day!

Much love, M x


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