A Weekend in Vienna

A Weekend in Vienna

Around a month ago now I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend out in Vienna with my Mum during the February half term. The original plan for this trip (as some of you might be aware if you watch my vlogs) was to go and watch The 1975 on their Eurpean Tour. However, they cancelled their Vienna concert, but, given that we’d already booked flights we figured we’d still go anyway. Luckily, all this free time provided numerous photo opportunities.



  The fact that I take photography A Level obviously means that I take a lot of pictures, and that’s something I really want to start uploading to my blog a lot more, as I feel like they fit in a lot better here rather than just uploading the odd one or two to my Twitter or Instagram accounts. I’m hoping to upload a couple of ‘City Break’ blog posts, given that recently I’ve spent quite a lot of time travelling in various different places, and have photographed some lovely cities in the last few months alone. Vienna being one of them, but also Brighton and London too, as well as an upcoming trip to Liverpool on the horizon. I hope that’s something you guys are going to enjoy looking at! Leave me some suggestions in the comments as to which other cities you think I should visit!

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