A Match Made on Jigtalk!

A Match Made on Jigtalk!

Hey guys!

I’m here with something a little bit different today, some of you might have seen my vlog that went up earlier today were I spoke to you guys about the new app ‘JigTalk’, an alternative take on the classic dating app!

JigTalk focuses on getting to know people for reasons other than looks, something that people base getting to know someone on all to often. This promotes the idea of getting to know someone for their personality, revealing their photo’s the more you get to know them, covering the original photo with pieces of a jigsaw.

So many of you guys have asked me various different questions regarding my own relationship and when JigTalk got in touch with me I thought this was the perfect time to tie this in, as this is a different way for you guys to get to know people, whether it be relationship based or just finding a friendship, this modern take on a dating app is something new and exciting that I’d really recommend you trying! You never know who you might find!

You can download the app by clicking HERE!

Thank’s for reading guys, if you haven’t seen the vlog I uploaded earlier it’s linked here




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